fOrMuLa oNe fEVeR iS bAcK!!!

the greatest motoracing event have back…huhu..i veri2 excited about..why not…u all should also excited like me…

till today post only about 10 teams have been registered for 2009:

1-McLaren-Hamilton & Kovalainen


2-Ferrari-Raikkonen & Massa


3-BMW Sauber-Kubica & Heidfeld


4-Renault-Alonso & N.Piquet


5-Toyota-Trulli & Glock


6-Torro Rosso-Buemi(bru ni) & Bourdais


7-Red Bull-Webber & Vettel


8-Williams-Rosberg & Nakajima


9-Brawn Team(previously Honda)- Button & Barrichello


10-Force India- Sutil & Fisichella

force india 2009

errmmm…its quite intresting when honda joining back in F1 after withdraw at last year due to economic crisis..but they will use their team principle name Ross Brawn—->Brawn Team

but actually its funny when i see all the F1 car…its small and totally classic..i dunno wat the FIA(pale bana die) done to this year

but its ok as long its interesting like last year…very2 competetive..we can feel the thrill till the last race where Hamilton n Massa fight…but sadly Massa lose just one point to Hamilton…anyway congratulation to Hamilton!!!

wat i expect for this year…of coz la my team,Ferrari going to win back the title…both driver n constructor!!!…

i also expect Renault will bounce back wit Alonso who actually perform well after mid season 2008.

but i excited on watching hot prospect for this year’s race which is Vettel from Red Bull…many critics said that this boy will give Hamilton n othersĀ  sumthing(i dunno la wat sumthing tu)!! but lets wait n see!!!

Toyota also will give other sumthing to say…i like how Jarno Trulli drive last year…very smooth n always collect points in every races…so dun be supprice if Toyota on top 3 diz year.

so my wish is….FERRARI will WIN dis year!!!



eAsT aSmaRaLOkA nIgHt!!!


i hope its not late to post about the night to celebrate our last year’s senior of IT course…

before going dinner

actually it is a fun night and I enjoy it very much..dunno why even though theres no concert or band or watever…i think because the MCs do thier terrific job in handling it…also the food were excellent…

huhu..actually I done some evil things there…Hanep, Zikri and I stole creamers and sugar packets as many as we can…hehehe ‘(>…<)’

let forget about it…its little sad during lucky draw when i didnt won..hahaha..da name lucky kan..but on my table(table 8)where consist of:

1.Ain Kecik




5.Hasnul Musang




Fira n Tina be our ‘wakil’ for win the lucky least have wakil..not like table 5..kuihkuihkuih…

but very interesting n memorableĀ  part where my bos–>Topek had won the “Anugerah Sedondon” with his deputy SU–>Shanupiriya..


Sedondon x?..hehehe…

next..about FOOD…got ayam,fish,sayor,ulam a.k.a. salad daging. its OK but important things is, I ate many…hehehe…and i drank coffee and tea about 4 cup…wakakakaka…

lastly,before the ceremony end..we all takes picture among us. and heres the damn picture that i take:

Khairi, Rafaei, ...., Zaidi


Paah n Kak Sofia

Comtech Crewz!!!

Kakakku Sofia n Me

1 bAtanG oN 2 bUkiTs??


da title soung odd isnt…

but dun misjudge la…

dun think kotor2 ya…

its about by elction lol…yaaa..there will be more by election after diz..after 2 big by election(p.Pauh n k.TerEngGanu) which won by PR \(^o^)/, there will massive fight again…diz time at:

1. Bukit Gantang Parliament, Perak

2.Bukit Selambu State, Kedah

3.Batang Ai State, Sarawak

p/s:thats why my title like that lol ;p

Actually its odd when all the by election held in April…i dunno why the EC takes to long to made it..i thinks EC have to follow the umNOway orders coz there will be the “Perhimpunan Agong berok2..upsss umNOway” at the end of the month…for me its totally bias…and unfair..

but I as the PR supporter always pray that all PR members and supporters will give their all effort for retain the seats(b.Gantang n b.Selambu) and also grab the seats that belong 2 BN(btg Ai)…let BN to be end..(^-^)

the major fight will be at the Bukit Gantang parliament…why?..coz its all about the Perak crisis…diz will be the by elction where we can see where rakyat Perak support will go..whether PR or BeEnd..n i hope PAS-PR will give their all to make sure Rakyat Perak will be at Datuk Seri Nizar side..

lastly, i hope all Rakyat will show arrogant n corrupt BeEnd leader ecspecially Najib Altantuya(PM during by election) a clear meesage that Rakyat doesnt need BeEnd anymore…let send BeEnd to hell…yeaaahh!!!!

Lets pray for PR for success!!!

Hidup Rakyat!!!



mY bLoG oFFiciaLLy laUnCH!!!

wELcOme wORLd!!

Alhamdulillah…praise to Allah 4 give me strength to make my own blog…my frenz always asked me when im going 2 build my own blog…huhu…i said to them 2 wait..but now, im launch my official blog…actually its secong first blog was totally disaster…opened last year(if i were not mistaken(>_<“) ) and i does not update it at all…huhu..hopefully diz time i rajin2kn myself 2 update diz blog…

i create diz blog for all 2 discuss about anything whether about computer, technology or bla.bla.bla…

but da most intresting topic for me is sports(every man n boy talking baout it yaa!!!!), politics(i’m LOVIN’ it (^-^) ) and games(PC ecspecially!!!)…

so to all visitors come and discuss wit me…

n too all frenz all over world..

thanks for support me and encourage me for making diz damn blog…

last but not least…

Thank to ALLAH…

officially launch,

bOsS_nAQ a.k.a. pEncAcaiNegaRa

March 06th 2009