eAsT aSmaRaLOkA nIgHt!!!


i hope its not late to post about the night to celebrate our last year’s senior of IT course…

before going dinner

actually it is a fun night and I enjoy it very much..dunno why even though theres no concert or band or watever…i think because the MCs do thier terrific job in handling it…also the food were excellent…

huhu..actually I done some evil things there…Hanep, Zikri and I stole creamers and sugar packets as many as we can…hehehe ‘(>…<)’

let forget about it…its little sad during lucky draw when i didnt won..hahaha..da name lucky kan..but on my table(table 8)where consist of:

1.Ain Kecik




5.Hasnul Musang




Fira n Tina be our ‘wakil’ for win the lucky draw..hehehe..at least have wakil..not like table 5..kuihkuihkuih…

but very interesting n memorable  part where my bos–>Topek had won the “Anugerah Sedondon” with his deputy SU–>Shanupiriya..


Sedondon x?..hehehe…

next..about FOOD…got ayam,fish,sayor,ulam a.k.a. salad daging. its OK but important things is, I ate many…hehehe…and i drank coffee and tea about 4 cup…wakakakaka…

lastly,before the ceremony end..we all takes picture among us. and heres the damn picture that i take:

Khairi, Rafaei, ...., Zaidi


Paah n Kak Sofia

Comtech Crewz!!!

Kakakku Sofia n Me


6 Responses

  1. hehe,i like da last pic,so sweet..^^

  2. haha..
    i think the along will slay my neck after dis lol :p
    anyway thanks for the comment…

  3. kami bantah pic last!!!
    kami nk tubuh kelab cancel batalkn gambar last!!!
    sblm jari jemari sesorang kene potong!!

    (padahal jeles…hehe)

    • im know u r jeles…
      it just biase2 je…
      taking pic wit women…
      i taked pic wit many women that night…
      just for ‘kenang-kenangan’ only…

  4. 🙂

    emm just wanna say to topek..
    im da mastermind for the “pasangan sedondon” award dat nite..

    ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

    • huhu…
      i think topek just ok…
      he actually happy to received the award…
      only priya looked ‘angry’ and after received it, she ‘bebel2’ n ‘mengomel2’…
      supposed she should thank u for the award..
      once in life time…

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