fOrMuLa oNe fEVeR iS bAcK!!!

the greatest motoracing event have back…huhu..i veri2 excited about..why not…u all should also excited like me…

till today post only about 10 teams have been registered for 2009:

1-McLaren-Hamilton & Kovalainen


2-Ferrari-Raikkonen & Massa


3-BMW Sauber-Kubica & Heidfeld


4-Renault-Alonso & N.Piquet


5-Toyota-Trulli & Glock


6-Torro Rosso-Buemi(bru ni) & Bourdais


7-Red Bull-Webber & Vettel


8-Williams-Rosberg & Nakajima


9-Brawn Team(previously Honda)- Button & Barrichello


10-Force India- Sutil & Fisichella

force india 2009

errmmm…its quite intresting when honda joining back in F1 after withdraw at last year due to economic crisis..but they will use their team principle name Ross Brawn—->Brawn Team

but actually its funny when i see all the F1 car…its small and totally classic..i dunno wat the FIA(pale bana die) done to this year

but its ok as long its interesting like last year…very2 competetive..we can feel the thrill till the last race where Hamilton n Massa fight…but sadly Massa lose just one point to Hamilton…anyway congratulation to Hamilton!!!

wat i expect for this year…of coz la my team,Ferrari going to win back the title…both driver n constructor!!!…

i also expect Renault will bounce back wit Alonso who actually perform well after mid season 2008.

but i excited on watching hot prospect for this year’s race which is Vettel from Red Bull…many critics said that this boy will give Hamilton n others  sumthing(i dunno la wat sumthing tu)!! but lets wait n see!!!

Toyota also will give other sumthing to say…i like how Jarno Trulli drive last year…very smooth n always collect points in every races…so dun be supprice if Toyota on top 3 diz year.

so my wish is….FERRARI will WIN dis year!!!



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