mY bLoG oFFiciaLLy laUnCH!!!

wELcOme wORLd!!

Alhamdulillah…praise to Allah 4 give me strength to make my own blog…my frenz always asked me when im going 2 build my own blog…huhu…i said to them 2 wait..but now, im launch my official blog…actually its secong first blog was totally disaster…opened last year(if i were not mistaken(>_<“) ) and i does not update it at all…huhu..hopefully diz time i rajin2kn myself 2 update diz blog…

i create diz blog for all 2 discuss about anything whether about computer, technology or bla.bla.bla…

but da most intresting topic for me is sports(every man n boy talking baout it yaa!!!!), politics(i’m LOVIN’ it (^-^) ) and games(PC ecspecially!!!)…

so to all visitors come and discuss wit me…

n too all frenz all over world..

thanks for support me and encourage me for making diz damn blog…

last but not least…

Thank to ALLAH…

officially launch,

bOsS_nAQ a.k.a. pEncAcaiNegaRa

March 06th 2009


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