cOmtEcH F.C.

Updated 7/3/2009

post by XerCra-Zikri:

this team actually established this year to represent our year 2 Comtech Club…

by using 4-5-1 formation, this team is captained by Musang..and the man who responsible at the post is Zul(hehehe!!!)…

here are players and formation of the team:

GK – Zul

RB – Paan

LB – Zack

CB – Anep

CB – Fizie

DM – Zikri

CM – Musang (Captain)

RM – Ilyas

LM – Vasant

AM – Tudin

ST – Arep

comtech_field11The formation


S1 – Jerry

S2 – Kamal

S3 – Akmal

S4 – Omar

S5 – Chief


Board of Director : Din Java (muahaha!)

The Manager : bOsS_nAQ

The Asst. Manager : Topek

The Coach: TMUKMKD

The Scout : Kam, Lo, Wong, Kumar, Kana

The Physio : Pok Cik, Alip, Arif

Merchants : Megahacker, Zamani, Khai, Jimmy

The Fans : Ecah, Bell, Maya, Fira, Tina, Ain(sume jenis), Sue, Ziana, Yun, Penny, and all girls in COMTECH…(hehe!)

Main Sponsor: TAN SRI bOsS_nAQ

and here some latest headlines:

bOsS-nAQ seeks consistent success of COMTECH FC:

“We intend to give everything possible in our bid to remain within the leading group.”- bOsS_nAQ


Zikri back in action for COMTECH FC:

“I managed to get a full 90 minutes under my belt and I’m glad my ankle held up”- Zikri


Top four place crucial for Musang:

“There’s nowhere else I would want to be playing at the highest level” – Musang


Anep keen to impress:

“I just want to do the best I can for COMTECH FC and see what happens after that” – Anep


bOsS_nAQ proud of Fizi longevity:

“He (Fizi) was fantastic. Some of his switches of play were magnificent” bOsS_nAQ


COMTECH spirit encourages Vasanth:

“The one thing we wanted to do was put on a spirited performance” – Vasanth


Arep has high hopes:

“Now we are chasing the people above us, we feel we can chase down someone else”- Arep


Zul care pays off :

“I can’t expect to be in the Malaysia team when I don’t play very often at COMTECH”- Zul


Topek aiming for Asia:

“Now we are seventh and we are going to try harder.We know it is not that simple but we do know our capable is more than you think.”” – Topek


Tudin hoping for COMTECH FC stay:

“I have a great relationship with the manager. Why would I want to leave after the run we’ve been on?” – Tudin


Ilyas backing bOsS_nAQ:

“The manager brought me to UMT, he has done a very good job here.”
The manager gave me that confidence. The only thing I can say to bOsS_nAQ is thank you” – Ilyas


Zack an admirer of bOsS_nAQ:

“I’ve always been like that, I try to give my maximum and sometimes it’s with success. You can see from the last two games that Boss_Naq is working a lot on the shape of the team, the organisation, you have to respect that because we know we will have chances to score goals.”- Zack



16 Responses

  1. hahah~

    wowoow,skang jdik manager plak da~

    gilo aa~

  2. X pnah plak aku cakap macam tu… =,=
    anyway nice formation,topek patot dok luar line.

  3. ish.. sebagai kapten.. patut kene ckp cam tuh… hehehe
    topek dh kene out dh.. sory topek.. huhuhu..


  4. erm apa la team ni…mcm mane topek leh ada…
    patot topek jadi jurulatih ke orait la gak…
    tempat topek tu blh diisi dengan akmal or kana ke..hehehe
    lau seyes nye leh masokkan akmal la

    • heheh..
      topek alredy transfer to be our coach..
      paan was our new right back..
      i hope all satisfy..

  5. err aku kaki bangku,tak layak la,scor own goal leh la haha
    ~rest in pieces

  6. oi,RB tak ubah lag!

  7. dh ubah dh… huhuhu..


  8. err… wt team biarlaa smue pro…
    ak xptot ad… ak ptotnye jd fans atau pnonton aje..


    • actually…
      we insufficient player…
      thats why i had 2 choose u as my player…
      i know u can do it…

  9. erm i wonder if dis team have a match again umt team,wat will be da result?

    • dun wori…
      the result will be superb for UMT team…
      for us..
      if we hav pom pom gurl…
      we can win…
      win wat…
      win sorak je!!!..

  10. oit. aku men bola padang bukan striker~~~
    posisi aku ley main :
    Bek tgh n mid
    ~~Wing kanan~~

    sbb~~ crossing aku tahap ’85’ lam fifa 09. wkakkakakka
    letak vasan n tudin striker. ilyas wing kiri sbb dia cacat men kaki kiri.. tu je dr aku sekian~~~

  11. freekick taker :

    penalti taker :
    1. Vasan
    2. Arep
    3. Ilyas
    4. Musang
    5. Tuding

    Rite corner kick :

    Lef corner kick :

    Trow in :
    Anep (tgn kuat) 😀

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