GMP–>gErakAn maNsoHkn PPSMI tOdaY!!!

today 7 March, there will a massive rally going to be held at KL city…where a body call GMP as stated at title, a body that disagreed with the PPSMI(pengajaran n pembelajaran Sains n Math in English)

this body lead by GMP Chairman,Datuk Dr. Hassan Ahmad, alongside our Sasterawan Neagra A.Samad Said, Bahasa professor,Dr Abdullah Hassan, GMP Deputy Cahirman, Dr Shahril Mohd Zain and GMP Secretary, Hasni Abas

PKR and PAS also will participate in this rally lead by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Seri Ust Abd Hadi Awang alongside fellows Pakatan Rakyat leaders

they are going to give the memorandom to our King(Long Live The King!!!) at Istana Negara at 2 pm…

estimate will be about 100,000 participate will join the rally started from Masjid Negara to Istana Negara(eventhough police didnt allowed, but im sure it will happen)…

many NGOs will join this rally including PIBGs all over country¬† n Persatuan2 Bahasa…they going to wear white costum for the rally as symbols that our Bahasa Melayu is ‘Suci’ and cannot be kill..

this will massive rally after BERSIH in last 2 years…

it is going to fantastic day for the Rakyat Malaysia who really love our Bahasa Melayu!!!!

further information go to:

“Daulat Bahasa Melayu”

“Daulat Tuanku”

“Hidup Rakyat Malaysia”


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