rEaL cOmTeCh uNiTeD

Welcome to world of soccer…

Zaidi setting up a team after being called up to participate in Vice Chancellor Cup and select bOsS_nAQ as the manager…

Here are the selected players…


GK – Zaidi (Captain)

DEF – Fizi

MID – Ilyas, Vasanth

FWD – Nasir

FormationRCUThe Formation


S1 – Zul (GK)

S2 – Xercra

S3 – Azhan

S4 – Walking Tall (x igt name plk.. huhu)..

S5 – Unknown.. huhu…


Manager – bOsS_nAQ

Asst. Manager – Zaidi

Secretary – Miss Sofia (ah long jgn mara aaaa..)



On 10/3/2009 at 9.07 p.m..

Real Comtech United started the with game with full determination against MAPEM…

They battled in the first minute after conceded a goal for the opponent team..

After a while – they fought briliantly – gained a goal scored by Nasir..

Minutes later, opponent team broke RCU defense again to collect a  goal score..

Vasanth still not giving up on that moment… He scored for RCU a minute later..

However, RCU was not so that lucky after their defense broke down a few seconds later..

The RCU defend leader – Fizi was subtituted by Xercra in the 4th-minute..

RCU concede 2 goals after then… The game ended with 2-4..

at 9.52 p.m

Another kick-off for RCU againts the ‘chemy kids’…

This time.. no opportunities at all for RCU..

All RCU players seems exhausted at the moment..

One by one.. goal by goal.. RCU defense led the opposition team came up with goals..

Coach boSs_nAQ hauled Fizi off with Xercra before the break but it did not made any difference..

boSs_nAQ couldn’t afford more after saw the team was already down and took off Vasanth and Ilyas.

It was goals galore for the opposition.. The game ended with 0-6

What They Say?

bOsS_nAQ keeps RCU hope alive

“We played well at 1st half.. It was not so lucky at the 2nd half when we were out of ‘rhythm’.. but it was a good effort” – bOsS_nAQ

Xercra unsatisfy with his performance

“No comment.. too sad to see the team left behind.. more unlucky.. I ended up with an ankle injury..” – Xercra

Zaidi couldn’t get a clear view

“I knew the ball was there but it just that the court so dark. There was not enough light…” – Zaidi

Fizi proved himself a great asset for RCU

“It was a good game. I’m glad to be on line-up formation. The game was not so bad afterall.” – Fizi

Latest headline:

For the third game.. RCU manager can’t let team down again..

bOsS_nAQ’s men seems already accepting in defeat..

RCU already took many injuries and fatigue..

Hence, the manager himself decided to withdraw from the competition..


Say buhbye to Real Comtech United..

Say hello to Comtech fusal team..

Thanks to all my fellows..

Although in defeat.. They still believe in miracle..


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8 Responses

  1. it start off 2 be a gud game but me myself admit dat its all my fault dat our team lose 2 game dat nite….

    me myself are very pressure n cannot played as usual…

    2 all players n oso da manager,boss_naq,
    i’m very sory…

    i’ll not play futsal anymore

    • no lah.. it’s no one fault.. no one should be blame on these defeat..
      its just that we don hav that termendous amount of speed we encountered..

  2. no la, almost all peole seems 2 said dat i’m da one da made all da mistake…

    ask da manager himself 2 give a sincere coment on last ni game

    • i hav nothing to say..actually we played well but our doesnt hav some sort of quality that our opposition hav..and we didnt train together well as they do..thats why there some weakness in our gameplay…so its natural

  3. maybe u r right,but its is sad 4 me as we lose both 2 game n cannot give sweet memories 2 da 3rd year dat will be leaving umt after dis

  4. dun wory. after dis i wil make 1 more futsal tournament just 4 our course. we will beat 1st n 3rd year team. orait bebeh?

  5. “No comment.. too sad to see the team left behind.. more unlucky.. I ended up with an ankle injury..” – Xercra

    ankle injury… again 😀

  6. its not fun if we only play n won only in our coz….
    wat so ever,i don play futsal after dis…very sad lor

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