Welcome to the world of sport..

On 14 of March 2009..

FST Handball Team was participating a tournament..

FHT who was managed by Aliff himself going up along the way to the hostel – waking up all his men at 8.00 in the morning.. LOL!

Some of his players like me.. ūüėõ struggled so hard to beat the sleepy devil.. hehe.. bOsS_nAQ also contributed and helped me a lot defeating those devils bastard..(booo! nk glamer gk tuh!)

Mr. Aliff don’t have any choice but to play¬†a handicapped¬†game that mornin – not enough player lorh..

xErCra woke up¬†around 8.45 and contributed Mr. Aliff’s club in the 2nd game..


  1. Aliff (Captain)
  2. Arep
  3. Xercra (GK)
  4. Fizi
  5. Zul
  6. Topek
  7. Lah
  8. Taufik (import)


Board of Director – Anep

Manager – Aliff

Scout – bOsS_nAQ







The 1st game..

Mr. Aliff’s men¬†battling hard in this game where there were not enought players for FHT going down to the pitch.. Taufik was imported to this game but still not enough fot FHT..

Around 9.00 a.m. Arep managed to go down and complete the team..

FHT got a great spirit.. Zul scored a goal for FHT even the team left behind by two goals..

The game ended with 1-2…

The 2nd game..

Mr. Aliff saw more of his players went down to the pitch after the 1st game.. He subbed off Taufik the imported player with Xercra as the goalkeeper..

In this game.. The opposition easily breakthrough FHT defense and gained a score in almost every attack..

Mr. Aliff’s men went down mentally.. N just play for fun..

errr… I can’t remember the score.. ūüėõ

The 3rd game..

FHT almost started the game with full of confidence.. but suddenly..

the RAIN falls down.. the game was postponed..

Mr. Aliff couldn’t see more – a defeat.. “We withdraw..” .. that was the word came out from FHT players¬†for the third game..

Goalscorer – Fizi(1 goal), Zul(1 goal)


We Lost… FHT gladly accept defeats.. Not bad for 1st time play..

What They Say?

bOsS_nAQ¬†hails ‘fantastic’ Fizi

“He’s been fantastic – only¬†Fizi can do that, he’s an absolute machine”¬†– bOsS_nAQ

Aliff praises brilliant FHT

“It was a scrappy game that was never going to be a classic given the conditions but I was delighted with our attitude and commitment and felt that on another day we could have had a couple more goals,” – Aliff.

Anep¬†Slams ‘Sloppy’¬†Xercra Performance

“Defensively as a team we were terrible. Our retention of the ball was terrible, a lot of things were terrible.” – Anep

Zul’s Inspire FHT

“We gave a good account of ourselves at¬†UMT but the flaws that have been there for a long time are still there in evidence. However, it¬†was a good start.” – Zul

Arep: Nothing to Fear

“They have weaknesses.¬†We have a lot of quality in attack.¬†We are strong in defence because¬†we have plenty of possession.” – Arep



Mekaceh sume..

Best gk¬†dpt main bola baling nih…

Jgn lupe komen aa.. ponat eden nulih..

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5 Responses

  1. xley bla ucapan sengsorang…
    tah biler lak aku ulas permainan nih…
    ini suma dusta…

    • ala.. lex ar.. nothing serious..
      tgk board of director pn dh cukup..
      memain sket2. bknnye nk kutuk sesape…zzz

  2. erm sadis2,kalah lol…

    ni komen jujur dari aku la…
    actually we could have won both 2 game,if we stick 2 da plan..
    but all the members seems don wan to coorperate.
    we all watch our games n knew how their make wall 2 defense but our team?
    dis is handball not futsal man,but honestly i epi wit my team coz they show high spirit eventhough we lose..
    it was their 1st time playing handball,so such defeat can be acepted…
    i just felt frustrated with one person of da team dat play like he was pro but he wasnt. u know who i mean…

    i admit i’m not good in sport but i have played handball for 5 years..but there r someone dat r so stuborn dat thinks he was so good..n yet he wasnt…

    sory 4 da long post but it is my trus n honest coment..
    i’m very sory if there are people yg x puas hati…can ask me k

    • lol!..

      nothing lah..
      mmg x penah main..
      stamina team pn x byk..
      practice x penah skali..

      dh mmg name pn main pertama kali kn..
      so.. kalo dh teammates 1st time main seumur hidup..
      rule pn x tau lg..
      kalah tu mmg dh bende wajib la kot…

  3. sal 2 aku x kisah lau kalah pon,aku epi coz ada semangat…
    juz macm yg aku ckp,kecewa ckit coz sorg bajet star player

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