cOmTeCh fUtSaL TeAm bOoKeD tIcKeTs To Q-FiNaL


Welcome to the world soccer..

Great news.. A ‘hurray’ for Comtechianz fans!..

They’ve booked tickets to the next round after defeating all of their scheduled opponents last night…



Arep was(left) predicting the game.. while Mark was observing..


Wall formation.. Arep jumped and blocked the ball to stop the rival getting a score..


A very good defence formed by CFT..


Salman(left) made lots of saves.. Mark found himself in a good form after scoring 2 goals for CFT last night..


PEACE.. Musang celebrating the winning along with a fan..


Some of the CFT fans..

On 17th of March,

CFT won the two games and within a good form to compete in the next round..

In first game, Mark scored two goals for CFT while the opponent could not beat the CFT GK.. CFT defense made a clean sheet in the 1st game which ended 2-0 as a victory gift for them..

In the 2nd game..

In this very exciting game.. The opposition managed to score a goal and lead in the early game.. Rosli was the goalscorer..

However.. Shahmin could not be happier when he scored 2  for CFT and the made winning goal..

The game ended 2-1..

What the Fans Say?

“I cannot be happier than this.. It seems like CFT making a history…” – XerCra

“Even if CFT fail to win this cup.. They still a winner among the fans..” – bOsS_nAQ

“They truly deserved it.. They look great.. They sound great.. They feel great.. They are great..” – Topek

“Mark was great.. He has a bright future in CFT…” – Anep


*Dialog adalah rekaan semata2.. Jgn amek serius…

Sekiranye ad kesilapan.. sile bgtau or post komen.. huhuhu..

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