cHamPioNs leAguE dRaW



just a quick word about dis..

Quarter Final Draw

(1st leg: 07/08 April; 2nd leg: 14/15 April)

quarter-final 1:

Villareal CF vs Arsenal FC

quarter-final 2:

Manchester United vs FC Porto

quarter-final 3:

Liverpool FC vs Chelsea FC

quarter-final 4:

FC Barcelona vs Bayern Muchen


Official Photo from UEFA HQ

Semi Final Draw

(1st leg: 28/29 April; 2nd leg: 5/6 May)

semi final 1:

quarter-final 2 vs quarter-final 1

semi final 2:

quarter-final 4 vs quarter-final 3


Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Wednesday 27 May


as i wish…my ARSENAL face Villareal, yahooo!!!..

and Liverpool face Chelsea again…hahaah…padan muke

Thats all from me,




8 Responses

  1. fuk2!

    result yg aku pasti.
    arsenal kalah. wakakaka

    • kalah?..
      ke cuak ngn liverpool…
      xpe le..
      1st game mmg le arsenal kalah…
      kalah sorak je…
      ye le.
      da men stadium lwan kn-Stadium el-Mandrigal(20000 penyokong villareal lwn 5000 penyokong arsenal, mmg l kalah sorak)…

  2. erm arsenal kalah? pastu chelsea pon kalah gak?
    final t rematch mu ngan liverpool nyer…x percaye?hahaha

    • ermmm…
      tgk je la nnt cmne…
      anyway kalo aku men bet…
      ranking feveret masok semi adalah:
      1.the catalan-barcelona devils-man u
      3.the blues-chelsea(jgn mara ye fan the reds-liverpool—->msg ngn zik!!!)
      4.the gunners-arsenal

      ball is round..
      anything can happen…
      n full with magic..
      just watch, see n support ur team..
      and dun get cocky(belagak!!! like manu fans)

  3. bukan cuak. dlm byk2 team lain, liv gak jumpe. tau2 jela kalu jumpe liv cane jd. sure game tegang nye. penuh ngan kontroversi. so harap chelsea ley menang r..

    Man U g final? ngan fulham td pon kalah. wakakakakaka.

    • relax2…
      im confident of chelsea strength and power of palayers…
      im optimis that chelsea will go through to semi final but it is a hard road…
      liv good form will not continue…
      huhuhu…(sowi liv fans)

      man U g final?…
      not go final le…
      im just predict for semi final game looo….
      open mate beso2…
      kepale da twin da…
      mate should hav 4…

  4. Final Liverpool – Arsenal

    • nk tgk gk final camni.. hehe musti gumpak!

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