tHe EnD oF CoMtEcH FuTSal TeAm 08/09


It’s me again!.. Welcome the world of sports..

Well.. After putting so much hope on CFT.. However, CFT couldn’t go any further after defeat at a very promising stage – Q-Final…

CFT seems very frustrating about losing where about their form sky high reaching for the cup..

More reports below…




The team went to the dress room after the game..


BLURRY.. still frustrating about the defeat..


BAD LUCK.. CFT almost made to the next round – semi final..

On 19th March 2009..

CFT went down to the pitch with a full determination about reaching to the final..

Arep, the last man of the CFT plays briliantly to stop every the opposition movement..

However, CFT defense broke down when Arep was in pain after the ball hitted his body which slows him down..

The opponent have their advantage and scored before the referee whistle for the break..

At the 2nd half.. CFT tried so hard to breakthrough the defence.. but fail somehow..

Minutes later, Kulup waved for Musang..

Musang, the forward-architect even fail to create a goal..

Underpressure, CFT still seeking for a goal.. There was almost a fight scene when a CFT player unsatisfy with referee judgement..

Till the end.. The game ended with 0-1 result..


The manager satisfy with the team

” I see the team plays well organized.. Even though we’re have been defeated.. It was such a great start for the team..” – GP-Boy

Arep: That was not good enough

“Tonight’s game wasn’t good enough for the team.. I’ve seen the we’ve been playing far more better than this..” – Arep

Xercra sees as a victory

“CFT tried so hard to be in this stage.. They’ve defeated many strong team and highly respected.. We are the underdog team and here we are in quater final.. CFT should be praised for this achievement..” – Xercra

Musang have faith in his team

“I know my team are able to play better.. It’s just that we been receive many injuries and fatigues.. Our GK is in bad health.. Even some our players on the pitch.. Its just that.. We had a bad luck on a bad day.. That’s all..”

bOsS_nAQ predicted the game

“From the way they play.. I knew they won’t get far.. Same goes to Man U.. They still able to lose when they are at  top..” – bOsS_nAQ



sory 4 da late post..

gamba x cukup…


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  1. after seeing da match dat nite, i was a litle sad coz i thought da team can went to the finals but wat can i say,the ball is sfera..hehe…no one can predict da results

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