sAyoNarA diSEmBeR sEmesTeR 2008/09


it is quick sad when these sem closed..
ya of coz la…
it is was a colourful sem with black n white…
but in the end it is sad 4 me actually..
actually im very2 miss wit my senior2..
it hard to say farewell to them since i know them 4 about 2 sems…
those are peoples that makes me happy n laugh also many things during my times knowing them…
n im going 2 miss them…

kak sofia halili
kak salwa
kak ain

n gud luck to them 4 the challenging future..
May Allah murahkan their rezki

it is also sad when one per one of my housemate leave me(aku last person 2!!!sedey le oi)…

starting with -lupe name die-
then sabki

then khairee


ni lg awal tglkan kiteorg!!!--->keri

then wan
then amad

then anep(ketamsungai)


huhuhu...igt jase aku bwk trun brg2 ko-->anep..

then zikri a.k.a. XerCra(pendatang haram!!!)


XerCra--->pendatang haram yang suda tinggalkan aku awal2 lg

then topek


Topek+fizie tinggalkan aku sowang2..jge ko!!!


on 30th arpil 7am morning,
i help topek carried his bantal2 bucuk die go to fizi’s house…
also i escort him becoz he going back to his hardstone village S.A.
on the way at the big gate..
i saw 2 pakgad n 1 makgad…
suddenly one of the pakgad say…
“ape yg penting!!!”
other 2 sambut dgn..
pe da…
like budak2…
i laugh dalam hati…
klaka le dunie nie!!!…

then reach fizi’s house…
i watch my 3 frenz packing n campaking brg2 dalam fizi’s car…
they blek awal dr aku
x aci!!!!!!!!!!!!
after finished setting up car…
we salam2 farewell..
n bubye!!!….


Pailong tgh ciap2 nk blek KL

Peace...aku nk blek ni-Fizie

Peace...aku nk blek ni-Fizie

padatkan brg2 anda dlm kete tu!!!

padatkan brg2 anda dlm kete tu!!!

sume nk tglkn aku!!!! fizi--->hati2 ade katak dlm kasut tu!!! topek--->posing maut dpn aku!!! pailong---->kunci umah x bg aku masok da!!!

sume nk tglkn aku!!!! fizi--->hati2 ade katak dlm kasut tu!!! topek--->posing maut dpn aku!!! pailong---->kunci umah x bg aku masok da!!!

waaaaaaaaaa!!!!...da ablek da korunk!!!

waaaaaaaaaa!!!!...da ablek da korunk!!!

sedey nyer!!!!…
da la last balek…
xdok org toman eden kt bilek lak 2…
nnt mak ayah aku sampai aku pegi travelling klate…
da la XerCra not teman me till friday(he going klate blek kampong)…

it is me, myself, aku, gua, ana n I only left…


GOOD BYE DISEMBER 2008-2009!!!!



tHe aNtI cLuB pLayErS

Hello again,
Welcome to the world of sports!..

The anti clubs bringing you to list of their players..
We are going to start with…




  1. Abu Dia Babi
  2. Van Pasir
  3. Ada Sayur
  4. Gelas
  5. Fab (bergas) – Fab Total added with some gas..
  6. Lagu
  7. Aluminium
  8. Agogo (loaned out)




  1. Lampi
  2. Terkojol
  3. Dog Ba
  4. Hilarious
  5. Meludah
  6. Balak
  7. Decoration
  8. Penceceh




  1. Bebal
  2. Kunyit
  3. Marshmallow
  4. Squirtle
  5. Tertoreh
  6. Mangkok Ayon
  7. Orang Penan (loaned out)
  8. Sami

Manchester United FC

Manchescow United FC


  1. Taman Pesong
  2. Berbatu
  3. Gigi
  4. Schools
  5. Curry
  6. Air Mani
  7. Kubukanzack
  8. Ronaronimakaroni
  9. Mek Header
  10. Famous Amos – (cookie brand)

Well2.. that’s a lot.. Somehow.. These names is fake..

Can u guess the real name??

Here’s a contest..

Whoever answered all and correct.. He/She will won a prize from Super Admin.. right Boss?..

tHe BBQ fInALe

Long time no new post eh!..
Well.. It’s normal when everybody is in D-Day – War to final sem 4..

Despite the tension..
Some COMTECHianz managed themselves to celebghate that the war was ended..

On 23th of April 2009,
bOsS_nAQ himself along with his secretary, Sofia organized an event on that night..
The purpose was to celebrate the last day in UMT before semester break..
and also a wave to say goodbye our beloved seniors..

How the event goes?..
Let’s watch this compilation video..

Sorry, the cam is not good.. low quality pictures and no sound can be recorded..
Wonder what are their speeches?…
Just pay RM5 to the manager and attend urself to the event..

Thanks to :
The Manager : bOsS_nAQ
Secretary : Sofia
Reporter : Xercra
GP Driver : Mr. Jie along with his BMW Saga 735i
Fire Expert : Capik, Arep, Anep
Cat Fighter : Musang
Master Chef : Rafaee
Bartender : Bella
and for those who helped us make this event an achievement..

5.45 pm : Storm was striking.. hoping the rain to stop..
6.00 pm : Phew.. the rain stopped.. went out to rent Mr. Jie BMW Saga 735i carrying out the stuffs..
6.30 pm : Setup the base..
7.00 pm : Capik started the fire.. along with some crews of course.. bOsS_nAQ heating up with Secret Recipe paper box..
7.12 pm : bOsS_nAQ and Xercra had some discussion with sofia..
7.25 pm : Xercra ride out Ducati Wave GT10 with bOsS_nAQ to pasar malam buying extra foods..
7.45 pm : Bringing extra stuffs from Yellow Palace..
8.00 pm : More crews coming.. and start the BBQ..
8.30 pm : Some shareholders coming..
9.40 pm : BBQ almost done.. let the feast begin..
10.10 pm : All shareholders gather..
10.15 pm : Zaidi, Topek and bOsS_nAQ speech..
10.30 pm : Musang tagged team with cat strike Topek..
10.32 pm : Topek thankfully that the cat don’t kill him as he struggling to catch his breath while Musang documentating that incident..
10.45 pm : Everybody is dismiss..

huhu.. ad byk gambor lagi nih..
penat lak nk add bebanyak lam page nih..

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UEFA Champions League 2008/2009 Semi Final



Champions League Semi Final



Semi Final 1:


1st Leg:

Manchester United vs Arsenal

30 April 2009-(3.45 pagi kot)

Old Trafford, Manchester

2nd Leg:

Arsenal vs Manchester United

6 Mei 2009-(3.45 pagi kot)

Emirates Satdium, London


Semi Final 2:


1st Leg:

Barcelona vs Chelsea

29 Arpil-(3.45 pagi kot)

Camp Nou, Barcelona

2nd Leg:

Chelsea vs Barcelona

7 Mei 2009-(3.45 pagi kot)

Stamford Bridge, London


Roma Finale UCL


Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Stadium Olimpico, Rome

Stadium Olimpico, Rome


28 Mei 2009

3.45 pagi


gud luck 2 all team ye…

dun sad2 yg kalah 2…

arsenal n barca my feveret through…sukenyer!!!!!!!!!!!

continue support ur team tau!!!

salam form me…


tHe aNtI cLuBs

Welcome to the world of sports…

It’s almost the end of the season..

Who will win Barclay Premier League this season?.. Is it Chelsea?.. Liverpool?.. Arsenal?.. or the current leader Manchester United?…


Have u guyz ever noticed that almost every single student is a fan of this for these gigantic clubs in the world?..

But.. some of them organized the underground clubs to make sure their opponent won’t make to the top of the league..

Let’s see what they have..

Manchester United FC



The President : KetamSungai

Vice President : XerCra

Exco : Taufik 414, Mamat


CHELSUCK - Notice the 'K' at the center..


The President : Musang

Vice President : Mr. Jie (hehe!)

Exco : Lord Zul




The President : Topek

Vice President : bOsS_nAQ

Exco : Ilyas




The President : Khairee

Vice President : TokeiKedai

Exco : Zaidi, Capik (hehe!)

Latest Headlines

President of Chelsuck

Musang as the President of Chelsuck

“Guus Hiddink will definitely not be staying on as Chelsea manager next season and Jose Mourinho is not coming back according to chairman Bruce Buck. I am glad that everything goes as planned. Miahahahahah!” – Musang

Khairee as the President of Arsnail

Khairee as the President of Arsnail

“Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits his squad is being stretched as they having a crucial week. They lost Gallas last week and now Djourou – it is a massive blow. I believe Villareal can take over Arsenal easily.” – Khairee

bOsS_nAQ as the President for Liverfool

bOsS_nAQ as the Vice President for Liverfool

“Liverpool FC is crap. They would be nothing without Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. All of their gameplay and goals are just luck. 99% of them are just luck and 1% only is their skill. Chelsea should be able to score at least 3 more goals tomorrow at Stamford Bridge.” – bOsS_nAQ

XerCra as the Exco of Machescow United

XerCra as the Vice President of Machescow United

“People are now talk about MacHEDA. Although he scored couple goals, I don’t think that would change anything to keep them alive in UEFA Champion League and Barclays Premier League. The real situation is Manchester players found themselves struggling to hold their position in both BPL and UCL after they were ‘announcing’ about winning way too early before winter which destroy themselves.” – XerCra

Well guyz.. Don’t take it seriously ok?.. If there someone is denying this.. Let me know..

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pREpAraTiOn tO tHe 4th FiNaL WaRS!!!..

My dear fellow..

We are soldiers of COMTECH..

We shall fear no pain nor death..

We made it this far..

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon..

In DSM fields the poppies grow
Between the papers, row on row,
That mark our place, and in the sky,
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below…

Let the pens be our guide to light..

Let the brain shattered to the ground..

Let them taste our mere ink pens..

Strike them till death haunt them..

Do not hesitate.. This war isn’t over yet..

Do what you must.. Show them no mercy!

Leave none alive!

Fight along by my side!

Fight now!!!

but my brothers…

how is your preparation?..

Capik - expertise in technology.. An advantage for COMTECH..

Capik - expertise in technology.. An advantage for COMTECH..

Din Java doesn't use books as his weapon..

Din Java doesn't use books as his weapon..

KetamSungai spies on the enemy base by using NFS:Undercover software..

KetamSungai spies on the enemy base by using NFS:Undercover software..

Topek and Arep couldn't bear to see the enemy wickedness through Kingdom of Heaven movie.. Another burden we have to bear..

Topek and Arep couldn't bear to see the enemy wickedness through Kingdom of Heaven movie.. Another burden we have to bear..

bOsS_nAQ just founds the latest intel on the enemy activity.. Harakah wrotes some very useful information he says..

bOsS_nAQ just founds the latest intel on the enemy activity.. Harakah wrotes some very useful information he says..

XerCra & bOsS_nAQ planning an assault towards the enemy base by using PES 2009 virtual image..

XerCra & bOsS_nAQ planning an assault towards the enemy base by using PES 2009 virtual image..

My fellowship..

I believe we’ve been trying so hard to get this far..

Everything is going as planned..

I know.. 300 men against 10000 orcs.. It sounds almost impossible..

But there are still hope even very small one..

No matter about our army size… I have faith in our strength..

We’ve already got our strong army like:

  1. bOsS_nAQ the Cave Troll of Mordor,
  2. Chief the Dunedain leader,
  3. KetamSungai the Dwarven King of Moria,
  4. Musang the Warg Rider from Black Gate,
  5. XerCra the Ent from Fangorn forest,
  6. Topek the Hobbit from Shire,
  7. Arep the Uruk-Hai leader,
  8. Capik the Elven Prince of Mirkwood,
  9. Din Java the Gollum,
  10. Khairee the White Wizard of Isengard,
  11. Lord Zul the Captain of Gondor a.k.a Boroi-Mir.

May the Light of Iman guide out path..

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fUNnY vIdS dUrINg uMnO AGM..


Do you guyz ever wonder what they say during the AGM?..

Well.. U should noe..

UMNO AGM 2007 – Pak Lah

In AGM 2009 – Najib


I almost laugh to death everytime I watch it..

For my friends..

No politics2 here k… peace!.. Jus 4 fun oni…