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Welcome to the world of sports…

It’s almost the end of the season..

Who will win Barclay Premier League this season?.. Is it Chelsea?.. Liverpool?.. Arsenal?.. or the current leader Manchester United?…


Have u guyz ever noticed that almost every single student is a fan of this for these gigantic clubs in the world?..

But.. some of them organized the underground clubs to make sure their opponent won’t make to the top of the league..

Let’s see what they have..

Manchester United FC



The President : KetamSungai

Vice President : XerCra

Exco : Taufik 414, Mamat


CHELSUCK - Notice the 'K' at the center..


The President : Musang

Vice President : Mr. Jie (hehe!)

Exco : Lord Zul




The President : Topek

Vice President : bOsS_nAQ

Exco : Ilyas




The President : Khairee

Vice President : TokeiKedai

Exco : Zaidi, Capik (hehe!)

Latest Headlines

President of Chelsuck

Musang as the President of Chelsuck

“Guus Hiddink will definitely not be staying on as Chelsea manager next season and Jose Mourinho is not coming back according to chairman Bruce Buck. I am glad that everything goes as planned. Miahahahahah!” – Musang

Khairee as the President of Arsnail

Khairee as the President of Arsnail

“Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits his squad is being stretched as they having a crucial week. They lost Gallas last week and now Djourou – it is a massive blow. I believe Villareal can take over Arsenal easily.” – Khairee

bOsS_nAQ as the President for Liverfool

bOsS_nAQ as the Vice President for Liverfool

“Liverpool FC is crap. They would be nothing without Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. All of their gameplay and goals are just luck. 99% of them are just luck and 1% only is their skill. Chelsea should be able to score at least 3 more goals tomorrow at Stamford Bridge.” – bOsS_nAQ

XerCra as the Exco of Machescow United

XerCra as the Vice President of Machescow United

“People are now talk about MacHEDA. Although he scored couple goals, I don’t think that would change anything to keep them alive in UEFA Champion League and Barclays Premier League. The real situation is Manchester players found themselves struggling to hold their position in both BPL and UCL after they were ‘announcing’ about winning way too early before winter which destroy themselves.” – XerCra

Well guyz.. Don’t take it seriously ok?.. If there someone is denying this.. Let me know..

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21 Responses

  1. haha.. banyak lak idea korang neh

  2. eh?
    zaidi pn anti arsenal ke?

    aku bangga jd presiden utk club arsnail..

    • barang siapa anti arsenal..
      maka sia2lah perbuatan dia…
      mereke termasuk didalam golongan yang tidak tahu pasal bola sepak…
      dan rugilah mereka kerana tidak tahu kehebatan arsenal fc


      • hahaha..poyo je lbh..
        perbuatan aku xkn jd sia2 malah akan jd lebih bermakna utk manusia di seluruh dunia…
        arsenal x hebat mana pn…
        cuma bgus skit dr dr pemain Malaysia…
        jgn mrh…

  3. haha..kusuk gile kerie men farm town..keke

  4. hahaha,aku sokong la benda ni..hidup MU..wakaka

  5. aku nk tukar anti… nk masuk anti arsengal. nmpak superadmin dia ckp besar sgt. wahaha

  6. …the most fool’s team ever..
    even have “bebal” as striker..

  7. woi!,aku anti MU la,bukan chelsea!!!!!! (anti gak,tapi skit je)
    arsenal the best woi,taun ni sure x bawak balik cup.sure x dapat g champion league.Arsenal d best!!!!!!go go go gunners(puji ke kutuk ni) =-?

  8. nampak gaya,arsenail akan tersingkir awal…hehehe

  9. ternyata kat sini ramai anti manU. aku pon anti manU. tp super admin act sgt. terpakse apply anti arsengal. papepon gudluck kat arsengal ye. moge2 dicucuri gol yg byk. haha

  10. it is being written…
    and yet still under my planning…
    congratulation to my dedicate staff…
    Also thank to…all the fans…
    THE RED is sign to STOP
    ……..we walk alone……

    • However, don forget arsenal has been never defeated for more than 15 match..
      Lately, arsenal always score more than 3 goals… They are in top form in this season..
      ManU wont get pass easily.. Ronaldo just managed to score from 39 yards.. MacHEDA wont be the superhero anymore..
      No more miracle..
      I’ll see u in Old Trafford..
      -VC President of Manchescow-

  11. owhhh…ekk…
    aku suke logo arsnail..nmpk smart..hahahaha…snail~~~

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