iNieStA gOaL!!!!—>HAhAHAhahA


actually i almost giv up on barcelonai said to Anep congrats, “tahniah Chelsea..kalahkan Man U…10 lwn 11 konfem x ley wt pe2”

even the commentator, ANDY GRAY said…

“i bet u the Barcelona players wont make Petr Cech save“…



on 93rd minutes

this happened


superb GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! 1st shot on target trus GOAL!!!!!!!!

cian tgk player chelseaa.colelampard ngn essiendisappointed!!!!

sowi la ye Chelsea fans———>(Hanep ngn Arep)

no rezki kot…


dun blame ref

he juz a human being that always make mistake like us

both to chelsea and barcelona he misjudge decision


its fair i think….

anyway congrat to barcelona for playing superbly eventhough down to 10 men

never giv up ya….

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4 Responses

  1. tima kasih sbab congratz kat aku,aku akan pastikan barca mng di rome!!! (temporarily become fan barca)

  2. Benvenuti a Roma per Barcellona ed il Manchester United.
    È tempo di portare i diavoli giù.
    Scopi il diavoli.

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