bOsS_nAQ: I want to be tHe ReD DeViL…

Early this week.. bOsS_nAQ requested to be a fan of Manchester United since
the drought for the Gunners..

Manchester United continue their tradition to maintain as a champion this season..

while Gunners has been disappointing this lately without any trophy.. Arsenal FC was in bad shape before winter..

Disgusted by Hull City 1-2 at Emirates.. It’s too bold for Arsene Wenger that he failed that moment when most his key players were on treatment by his physios..

Andrei Arshavin on January transfer has brought fortune for the Gunners as he help them to end this season premier league at the 4th place…

Manchester United

“I’m fade up with Arsenal.. I want to quit.. Arsene Wenger can’t manage Arsenal anymore.. No trophies.. No cup.. Now, I doubt him..” – bOsS_nAQ

bOsS_nAQ is an Arsenal fan since the glory of the Gunners 2005..

So.. he’s doing some paperwork to propose the board of directors about changing his current club to the Red Devils..

Doing some paperwork..

Doing some paperwork..

“Dear Mr/Mrs Directors,

I am humble that not able to be an Arsenal fan anymore. I’ve lost my trust for them. But now, Manchester United has grabbed my heart to be one of the Red Devils. My apology if I made this matter more complicated but nonetheless I rather leave my dream to see Arsenal FC on the stage behind to join Man Utd…” – an entry from bOsS_nAQ paperwork..

No one here at the meeting room... no one seems to be interested about this case..

No one here at the meeting room... no one seems to be interested about this case..

Henceforth, seems the board have some troubles making decision about this matter..
They’ve asked you guyz to give your opinion!

So, please state your opinions, comments, testimonial or whatsoever..

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2 Responses

  1. zzz…
    why so early u declare as fans of manu…
    im not yet the FANS of manu…
    i juz support manu for BPL omly becoz i dislike liverpool..
    not more than that…
    i will decide my pathway of BPL as early as july…
    whether arsenal o manu o liverpool o chelsea o else i will decide later…
    for now im focus on MANU DEFEAT this night ya…

    p/s:im still THE GUNNERS till this moment ye…

    (^_^) cheers for Barcelona tonight!!!!


  2. aku vote murtad~~

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