3rd EyE top 5…

Hello and welcome to the world of sports..

Have you ever wonder the funny stuff happened during football games?..

Soccer AM 3rd Eye provides you this funny clips..

Here is the top 5 list I’ve collected on the net..

5th: Alex Ferguson’s chewing gum..

That was bOsS_nAQ technique to throw out garbage.. how did Fergie’s knows that?..

4th: Manager VS Bench

How old are you?.. Scold off the bench?…

3rd: Electrocuted Mr. Ref

What the hell just happened?..

2nd: Invisible Ashley Young

…. Maybe Ashley just too fast…

1st: Joachim Löw special ingredients

Remember to watch till the end!

That’s it!.. put some ‘deodorant‘.. and some err..

funny when the people back there says “NYUM! NYUM! NYUM! NYUM!”

Korek idung lam omputeh pe ek?..

Ketiak pn pe ek?

huhu.. ni susah kalo kurang ilmu nih…

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Fergie’s Chewing gum


4 Responses

  1. korek hidung = nose picking
    ketiak = under arms…

  2. tu pon x tau ke???

    korek idung lam bi mesti la koreks hidungs
    ketiak lak ketiaks..
    tambah je s..
    bunyi cam omputeh kan3x?

  3. armpit la ketiak. ganaz sket. haha :p

  4. ketiak pon bole panggil axilla 🙂
    korek idung bole panggil nose digging tak? hahahaha

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