Introduction : Blogs are one of the newest publishing outlets that the Internet has opened up. With a blog, you can easily post text, photos, videos and sound clips to a web site so people can view it from anywhere they have Internet access.

Task 1

Locate 3 interesting blogs.

Assignment: Google Blog Search is an excellent way to locate blogs on topics you’re interested in. Find 3 blogs on a topic you are interested in by completing the following:

1)   Using a web browser, go to

2)   In the search box, enter a topic you are interested in.

3)   Investigate 3 of the blogs listed in the search result and write a short paragraph about each of the 3 sites, be sure you include  the URL of each blog.

Task 2

Learning to create a blog on your own.

Assignment: You can obtain and maintain a blog for free at sites such as Following a few simple steps is all you need to do to get your blog set up and ready to receive your content. Create a blog on by completing the following steps:

1)   Using a web browser, go to

2)   Click on the Create Your Blog Now arrow and follow the steps to create your own blog.

3)   After you have finish, show your blog to  me. You don’t have to do Task 2 if you already have your own blog, but you also are compulsory to show your blog to me.

You can refer to this link tutorial

PLZ SUBMIT B4 : 28/2/2010@4:00 PM

~send thru email~ pls include ur name, uk.

send ur URL (links) and any additional details

a lil bit of description about the searched blog will improve ur marks



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