Group Task

*each group consists of at MOST 5 peoples

*presentation will be on 19/10/09

*project lengths BETWEEN 3-5 minutes

*QUESTION – Create a multimedia project using WMM of a selected current issue or any interesting topics. Your WMM content MUST INCLUDE animation, pictures, graphics, sound or audio or recorded voice movie clips.



5 Responses

  1. hai abang demo~~
    sile kategorikn post abang lam tutor ke lam general..

    tgk kt post abang..
    filed under: 1

    amende kategori 1..

  2. ta aci!nape ngn sir zikri ktorg kne wat 3 org jek??heeee~ >_<

  3. pdn muke kamu sume….
    ~~guro2 je…sy x terlibat ngn perkara ni ye…xlyk jd demo kamu sumee…


    -bOsS_nAQ a.k.a. SUPER ADMIN-

  4. duk lab aku terus xyah wat video. baik gile aku. waakakkaa

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