Lab 5 : Using Internet And WWW

Using Internet And WWW

Introduction: The Internet is used for researching, learning, shopping, and entertainment. However, much of the information that flows back and forth the internet is never seen on a web page. It is contained inside the millions of e-mail messages that travel the Internet daily.

Task 1
Use the internet to search and compare the price and features of three digital cameras.

Assignment: Compare three different digital cameras by filling in the following table and explain which you would suggest and recommend as the best buy:

Make and model Price Resolution (megapixels) Digital/optical zooming ability Do video/audio? Other features

Task 2

Different kinds of E-Mail

Find definitions for e-mail related terms.

Assignment: Research the Internet and write a short definition, in your own words, for POP, IMAP, and SMTP.

Task 3

Acronyms and Emoticons

An entire vocabulary has cropped up in computer communications involving emoticons, abbreviations and symbols. Find out what some popular acronyms and emoticons are.

Assignment: Research the Internet and determine what the following emoticons and acronyms mean:

  1. :-e
  2. >:-<
  3. >:)
  4. :-bd
  5. L-)
  6. >:D<
  7. :-*
  8. HTH
  9. IMHO
  10. TOY
  11. OMG
  12. LOL
  13. OTW
  14. BTW
  15. FYI

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PLZ SUBMIT B4 : 14/2/2010


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  1. sorry, today i’m not feeling well.. any question u can ask me through ym..

  2. zzzz…tdo je kerja…

  3. pergh..admin yg sempit pemikiran….
    buang comment pembaca…

    p/s: maaf guna bahasa kasar…tp nie 1st time…ak jmpe admin sempit pemikiran mcm ko..

    • saudara/i..
      anda telah buat komen dalam page Lab 5 ntuk student kami..
      adakah anda mempunyai masalah dengan kerja lab kami, masalah dengan tenaga pengajar atau admin blog ni semata-mata?..
      sila beri penjelasan anda..
      sekiranya anda ingin bersuara.. anda bebas bersuara.. tetapi sila perkenalkan diri anda terlebih dahulu..

    • err kenapa neh?

      p/s: onLYme, azuan ali lagi suka delete komen orang. 🙂

      • entah la labu…
        aku pon xtau pe jd…


  4. spe yg buang?

  5. sy sebagai SUPERADMIN blog arap2 sgt korg2 yg tgk blog ni x jdkn tmpt ni utk lps geram o ad yg puas ati…

    jd kn blog ni tmpat menimba ilmu atau berkongsi pendapat…

    p/s: sy myb x terlibat sbb sy bkn tenaga pengajar…tp sy perlu kawal blog sy ni…xmo ad konflik yg luar biase…. k…


    ~~\(^o^)/ – bOsS_nAQ aka SUPERADMIN~~

  6. ni soklan lab anip ke?

    dasat.. tanya pasal kamera digital 🙂

    anyway kalau pasal personal jangan serang dalam blog la.. sebab blog ni bukan sorang je penulisnnya dan adminnya ^_^

    • ya…nnt penulis blog yg xtau pe cm aku ni trase…
      da la xtau pe2…
      kne tuduh tu la ni la…

      bende ley setel…xde mslsh…
      kite manusia biase je…


  7. ak xrse ad student ak yg xpuas ati ngn ak.. sbb ak fully bertolak ansur dgn diorg.. & diorg ckp ak BEST :p jgn jelesh ye zik.. he2 cme sory smlm xdpt dtg clas.. ad aral melintang.. bkn ske2 xmo dtg taw.. fzikal n mentalku krg sehat.. T__T

    neway if any of my student want 2 express their feeling about my teaching.. u r welcome 2 do so.. nobody’s perfect 😀
    but pls mind that we hold 20% of ur marks.. mind ur words when speak.. bkn sng sy nk kwl mrh lbh2 lg dgn org yg krg ajr.. 🙂

  8. ni bukan soklan sem lepas ke?

    • recycle blk..

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