~AGM D.O.T.A 2010 Last Sem~

Dengan ini..

Meeting antara board of director~ telah membubarkan kelab D.O.T.A comtech 2009 dan mengisytiharkan barisan kepimpinan baru~

mari kita lihat siapa yang kena!



Timb. Presiden:



Nod Buggy


Miss BajetCute

AJK Disiplin:

Tukang Karut

Ha.. tu je.. Ak sbg presiden kelab nih.. ingin mengucapkan ribuan time kasih kerana sudi bersama kami~



“obsession is the gayest thing that can happen.. it is happening to me.. slowly recovering”- lilhelper

“+++ has told you that is no longer interested in a relationship with —. Step back and see if +++ comes back on +++ own…if not….”she is just not that into you”” – rose

~t Q s; love her;doesnt L me anymore;giveup?~

“its probably time for you to move on….its ok to miss ,…
just dont obsses over ……” -Lexi

“…You cant change anybody but yourself.
You have to improve your self-esteem and turn your feelings and decisions over To God.
and pray a lot….” – Parienn

“….cuz it most likely won’t help. try not to stare. don’t let yourself fall more in love with her. move on” – shelli

~yang plg best~

“I think you should leave her alone, you annoying jerk.” – MissNightwish

“bad news: i think u have to give up on her.
good news: there are so many fish in the sea!” –  googlemaniac

“This is a very painful position to be involved in. Get involved in other activities. FORGET HER.” – Jess4rsake

“You’ll just have to put all your effort into getting over her. I know it seems impossible, but you CAN get over her, and you CAN find someone else to love – the heart is an amazing thing, don’t cheat yourself.” – theresathegreat

most comments says to move on.. n to 4get.. i wish i could do that in a blink of eye~

p/s: this is just a rubbish post..

~tHe GanG in da house~

Tahukah anda lam COMTECH terdapat gelaran2 glamer ntuk korang~ Korang tergolong dalam geng umah mane?.. jom kite tgk~
(links wont open same window)..

~Geng Umah Kuning~

Sliper JepunMohd Din


  1. Mr. Dodo ~~> The Caretaker
  2. Mono Sodium Glutamate @ Musang
  3. Tmukmkd Ambnac @ Ah Long
  4. Sliper Jepun @ lord
  5. Mahadewa Java

~Geng Umah Mat Moto~

Minyak CapKapak


  1. Cip ~~> The Caretaker
  2. Ezzery Movistar
  3. Joe
  4. Zack

~Geng Umah M121~

Kamen RiderAku XJahatHittokiri Crimson


  1. bOsS_nAQ ~~> Manager of Financial Dept.
  2. Kamen Rider ~~> Head of Security Dept.
  3. Tukang Karut ~~> The Chef of ‘Kocok’
  4. Anep Bipo ~~> Prime Minister of Sand Village
  5. Hittori Crimson ~~> Senior Mastermind
  6. *secretID* ~~> Special Agent X

~Geng Umah Pasir~

Megat FakruddinSaif AliKyleroll MAllAZam Syz


  1. Megahacker ~~> Tech. Expert
  2. Kyleroll MAll
  3. AZam Syz
  4. Saif Ali

~Paradise Villan~

Hafriz Azhan


  1. Bro. Hafriz ~~> The Demolition Man

~Geng Umah Puaka~

Khairul AzliHaji Umar BremboFadzlil AzmiIllias Moshtradamus


  1. Khai
  2. Umar Brembo ~~> Pak Samad
  3. Akmal ~~> lambaian kaabah
  4. Jimi ~~> The Android
  5. Ilyas ~~> The Undercover Agent <Former Comtechianz>

~Geng Umah Elite~

Nabila Mohd NasirZati IwaniZhafirah Azhari


  1. Bell ~~> The Biggest Gainer Champ.
  2. Ecah ~~> The Mother of all weapon
  3. Zati ~~> The Mak Lang
  4. Zhafirah ~~> The Iron-women

~Geng Umah Giant Tiny~

Siti Nur FatinahDania WmnNrl Ain


  1. Tina ~~> The Transporter
  2. Dania ~~> The Queen of Naboo
  3. Ain ~~> The Japanese Wonderkid

~Geng Umah Penjara~

Nur SuhadaCerntunk EzogurraCendawan ButangNoura ChentaOrkid Putih


  1. Cerntunk Ezogurra
  2. Nur Su
  3. Cendawan Butang
  4. Orkid Putih
  5. Noura Chenta

~Geng Bas Sekolah~

Dello DellaSue KawaiiNur AmalinaNazirah Momo Moktar


  1. Dello Della
  2. Sue Kawaii
  3. Nazirah Momo Mokhtar
  4. Amalina ~~> <!=Comtechianz>

So.. ni je la list yg ak tau.. igt nk tambah byk lg.. tp sumber kureng.. kalo ad salah bgtau la yek.. kalo sape nk add bgtau gk la.. Igt nk add geng midin.. tp x tau full list.. kang ad yg x pueh ati lak.. hehe..

List ni saje je.. bkn niat nk serang org.. just hopefully friendship ni berkekalan ye~..