“obsession is the gayest thing that can happen.. it is happening to me.. slowly recovering”- lilhelper

“+++ has told you that is no longer interested in a relationship with —. Step back and see if +++ comes back on +++ own…if not….”she is just not that into you”” – rose

~t Q s; love her;doesnt L me anymore;giveup?~

“its probably time for you to move on….its ok to miss ,…
just dont obsses over ……” -Lexi

“…You cant change anybody but yourself.
You have to improve your self-esteem and turn your feelings and decisions over To God.
and pray a lot….” – Parienn

“….cuz it most likely won’t help. try not to stare. don’t let yourself fall more in love with her. move on” – shelli

~yang plg best~

“I think you should leave her alone, you annoying jerk.” – MissNightwish

“bad news: i think u have to give up on her.
good news: there are so many fish in the sea!” –  googlemaniac

“This is a very painful position to be involved in. Get involved in other activities. FORGET HER.” – Jess4rsake

“You’ll just have to put all your effort into getting over her. I know it seems impossible, but you CAN get over her, and you CAN find someone else to love – the heart is an amazing thing, don’t cheat yourself.” – theresathegreat

most comments says to move on.. n to 4get.. i wish i could do that in a blink of eye~

p/s: this is just a rubbish post..


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