Feeling is the nominalization of “to feel”. The word was first used in the English language to describe the physical sensation of touch through either experience or perception. -wiki..

How can you handle your feelings?.. Hurmm.. interesting happens when things happen through your days and nights.. Is that how you suppose to feel? Are you feeling happy?.. Or sad?.. Complicated?.. Mixed up?.. Yes.. I think it’s mixed up.. I can never be happy, sad or even smile a bit.. It suppose to be mixed up.. And yes.. Im mixed up~ If you think this post it screwed up.. N yes.. It is..

What if you could see the world.. where all your brothers and sisters are all having a great life while you are in such an idiot or better word;”arse”.. well.. Shouldn’t you be proud of their success?.. absolutely you should.. lets take a look your view.. is this suppose who you should be?.. r u willing to stay like this?.. then you’r such a di*k.. thats what ppl might say.. well.. i think it is too.. even if you cant be a superstar for yourself.. then be a superstar for families.. He’s hero.. He’s a star.. He is truly amazing.. Earning lots of cash.. Getting secret admires.. but who is he?.. You’r such a fool if u think u are.. Hes ur brother dammit.. stop pushing.. just admit it.. he’s better than u.. u should be proud.. yes.. u should.. how can you be proud if u have nothing?.. yes2.. just keep saying that u still have families.. friends.. bla3.. cant’s even make own money.. cant even dream of getting the 4 pelik.. not funny.. no charisma.. no creativity.. cant even stand up straight.. lol~

The most joke ever is getting yourself a life mate.. don even think about it when u are such a loser like me.. well.. Im you.. lol~.. even if you just keep saying u can make it.. keep saying there are thousands, millions, billions of them.. but u still can even get one.. lol~ furthermore.. you just getting yourself everytime most memorable moment of kicked out.. what about money? what about it?.. still think can a buy a person with money ah?.. unless u r a businessman.. then u can think something about it.. but if u dont.. u r still such a jerk if still keep thinking that money is everything.. yes.. u do can everything.. but i dont think so.. what do you need actually?.. do you really need money?.. is it money that can buy everything?.. act.. i dont think u do.. u want a car.. but keep thinking money.. it is not the money u want.. it is the car that u want.. money is just a business system.. ppl just keep trying to get money.. but why dont actually pursue the car instead?.. all right.. enough with money.. what about the thing that u want?.. a ferrari?.. a castle?.. gold necklace?.. do you really need them when need happiness?.. these thing will never satisfy.. NEVER!.. true happiness lies between your spiritual self and your world’s need.. i believe u r trying so hard seeking for happiness.. if you cant fill both your faith and need.. u never will.. (sorry justin n jaden.. i just said never!)

This post is a crap.. really is.. Im off to Phi soon.. wish me luck.. Im begging for Your guidance and path.. Grant me the light in case I will fall into darkness.. All praises to Allah..

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  1. money isn’t everything..it’s just most everything..but You aren’t wealthy enough until you have something money can’t buy.. 🙂

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