cOmTeCh FuTsAL pLaYeRs iN tHeIr sCoUtiNg LiSt???

Hello again~

Today we bring a shocking news from England..

The BPL managers seems interested in our players?

Let us hear their comment on the press conference…

Name : Hj. Taufik “Topek” Mohd Nor

Age : 22 years old

Main attributes : Strength, Concentration and Bravery

Main pos. : Defense

Pref. Moves : Dwells on the ball and tries long range passes

Media Comment : Almost similar to John Terry..

Favoured Personnel :  Alex Ferguson, Ronaldo(Brazilian) and David Beckham

Alex Ferguson :

As you can see, Taopepeck.. err.. zzzz.. kroih~ kroih~ uh! what what?? owh..  Topek are very important for us since our current defenders is very prone to injury.. With a bit of attitude by Vidic.. I believe this Arabic-Malaysian could be useful and do the job for us..

Wow~ Topek is on the move to Man Utd???

Name : Boss Naq

Age : 22 years old

Main Attributes : Strength, One on Ones and Decisions

Main Pos. : Goalkeeper

Pref. Moves : Winds up opponents and Stops play

Media Comment : Tipped to be the next Gianluigi Buffon

Favoured Personnel : Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dunga and Thierry Henry

Arsene Wenger :

“.. Boss Naq?.. well.. We are absolutely looking the replacement for Alumina.. eh.. Almunia.. Mannone and Fabianski are not suitable enough to fit in our team.. Like they said.. He’s as good Buffon.. with good ability on One on One combat.. that’s what we need in our team..”

Name : Tengku Zainol Ariffin “Arep” Tengku Zawawi

Age : 22 years old

Main  Attributes : Flair, Long Shots, Technique, Finishing and Dribbling

Main Pos. : Forward

Pref. Moves : Shoot from distance, Tries Tricks and Run with the ball often

Media Comment : As good as Andrey Arshavin

Favoured Personnel : Fernando Torres and Michael Essien

Carlo Ancelotti :

“We’ve found our To-Be-Superstar player in our team.. most our players are reaching 30.. At his stage, he is a superstar already with his versatility playing position. His gameplay impress me much.. I don’t mind begging Abra to splash money on his head..”

Name : Hasnul Safwan @ Musang

Age : 21 years old

Main  Attributes : Dribbling, Passing, Influence and Work Rate

Main Pos. : Midfielder

Pref. Moves : Places Shots, Tries Killer Balls Often and Dictates Tempo

Media Comment : Dubbed to be the new Yossi Benayoun

Favoured Personnel : Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Pepe Reina

Rafa Benitez :

“Arrr~ No money no talk!!.. Bout Museng eh?.. Hurmm.. There’s no way I would buy him.. but of course.. I know if I fail to get him now.. Those brats will get him soon enough.. and there’s no way I will allow that!.. Museng~ I choose you!!”




diS oLidaY!!!—>muSt sEe mOviE—>trAiLeR



1. Star Trek

Begin: May 7th 2009

2. Angels and Demons

Begin: May 14th 2009

3. Terminator Salvation

Begin: 28th May 2009



4. Blood the Last Vampire

Begin: June 12th 2009

5. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Begin: June 26th 2009



6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Begin: July 16th 2009



7. G.I. Joe

Begin: August 7th 2009


tats all from me…

njoy the holiday’s movie yaaaa!!!!!

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sUmMeR(aPriL tiLL aUguSt) mOviE gUiDE!!!


it seems that summer movies(Malaysia always summer and lembap all years..hehehe) are going to ATTACK us dis holiday(always think holiday LOL)..

they are several movie that actually that attract me to watch(huhu x sabo2 gue!!!)…

i hope all of u wtach diz damn movie

here are the selected movie that got high rating from me to watch this holiday(rate:MESTI TONTON by FINAS!!!):

all movie ni will appear at ur wayang from April to July ye

Fast & Furious 4

Friday the 13th

X-Men Origin: Wolfverine
-Action,Science Fiction-

Star Trek
-Action,Science Fiction-

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
-Comedy,Science Fiction-

Terminator Salvation
-Action,Horror,Science Fiction-

Monster vs Alien

Land of The Lost
-Comedy,Sceince Fiction-

Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen
-Action,Science Fiction-

Ice Age 3: Dawn of The Dinosaur

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
-Action,Science Fiction-

GI Joe
-Action,Science Fiction-

Final Destination 4

(movie appear according date)

huhu…ni je lakot..if im missing sum movie that supposely we must watch…comment n inform me ye!!!..


see yaa..



gReaT sOngS-aDmiN’s cHoiCe

before here to see violence of Malaysia police(PRDM-Polis Raja Di Malaysia)..

the post i going to share about some brilliant and great(im not said that these are greatest but it make me go around!!!(@_@) ) songs i heard lately…actually thanks to grammy award 2009 for make me luv these song:

1. Viva La Vida by Coldplay(Grammy 2009 Song of The Year)

2. Lost by Coldplay

Viva La Vida

3. American Boy by Estelle feat. Kanye West(Nominee of Song of the Year)


4. Chasing Pavement by Adele(Best New Artist of Grammy 2009)


5. Dead and Gone by T.I. feat Justin Timberlake<—Soulful Song!!!

t.i-paper trail

6. Burnin’ Up by Jonas Brothers(Nominee of Best New Artist)

jonas brothers

7. Love Song by Sara Bareilles(Nominees of Song of The Year)

sara bareilles

all these song actually hav their own quality…thats why Hollywood’s music industry keep growing and growing ..i not saying that our local music industry is sucks but, listen to the truth…M-League is not a football…zzz…wat im merepek of!!!…but, US music hav their own standard that imposible for us to chase…because they keep creating sumthing fresh and easy for listener to accept it..

for example Coldplay, i think they the most genius musician ever born in the world..their songs are different from other…always create sumthing new in their music…they in thier own class la easy to say…

and the Viva La Vida song, was totally magnificent and marvellous .. i totally shock when 1st time listen it…they us bell and ‘gendang cina'(if i not mistaken la) in their melody..huh!!! totally ‘lain dari yang lain’ la i say…actually the song is about the being the King(not King Kong yaaa)..that why this song won the Grammy 2009 Song of The Year…i also made this song as my message tone ya..

Dead and Gone by T.I. feat Justin Timberlake…when i say grammy 2009, i skip this part…suddenly one day i watch it and…WOW!!! it is really nice song…justin was absolutely amazing in his vocal…the music was totally awesome dude!!! and the lyric very2…dunno la how to say…just listen la kan senang…

Adele…when heard the name actually i say..who the hell is she/he/it..then from grammy i know that she is the Best New Artist of Grammy 2009..the song Chasing Pavement was a good song heard..her vocal was at high level…the ‘intipati’ of song is good to ‘hayati’..huhuhu..

Then lastly, the American Boy song…waaa…1st time i heard, i trus dancing(dun imagine it, bahaya!!)…heheh..ya but it true la…thanks to estelle and kanye west for making me dancing in the house during holiday…hehehe…

Thats all from me, i hope all of can share on my opinion on music..and i hope u all can try listen these song(x rugi tau)…and u all can take Grammy Award 2009 video from me if wan ya…

k la its already suboh…and im going to hav kenduri arwah at my house today..


“Music Makes Life”